Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fitness Friday

Some good stuff this week for you to read. Hopefully you will find this as interesting and informative as I did.


27 Awesome Tips to be Awesome

Dont fall for the BS- there's always a ton of myths and lies that are fed to us that you need to start to ignore.

The Reality about Carbs- Carbs get a bad rap. They are in fact a vital part to your health, but you need to eat the right types and sometimes with the right timing.

More stretches to do during the work day- Our sitting lifestyle has led to postural imbalances. Counteract those with some stretches to do during the day.

What to eat and when?- People get confused as to what to eat after a workout. Here's a good guide for you.

2 great ways to burn fat

Lay off the Aerobics part 1 & part 2 Don't get consumed with doing aerobics. Its not the end all be all, and could actually do more harm than good.

Workout for the weekend
Cardio-Squat-Row-Pushup-Crawl Ladder Workout

60 second Jump Rope/Sprint/shuffle
10 Squats
10 TRX/Inverted Row
10 Push-ups
Bear Crawl
60 second Cardio
8 Squats, Row, Pushup
Crab Walk
60 second Cardio
6 Squat, Row, Pushup
Dog Crawls
60 second Cardio
4 Squat, Row, Pushup
Ape Crawls
60 second Cardio
2 Squat, Row, Pushup
Dragons/Spidermans/Cougar Crawls(these come with many names)

As my clients say: Done Done!!

If you're feeling up to it, climb back up the ladder, or even change up the #'s for a harder or easier workout.

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