Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fitness Friday

We live in a world where everything had to be done yesterday.  No one takes the time to focus on small changes and progress slowly.  Results must be immediate, progress must come in an instant.  There is no place where that is seen more than in the gym.  It's all about pushing more and more weight, doing more and more reps.  It's never about progressing in a safe, slow manner and doing things correctly.  Remember work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Simplicity is sometimes the best route when constructing a fitness plan.  However, we are always after that new shiny toy, that new gadget that is going to "guarantee results!!"  Focus on a simple plan of lifting, having a sound nutrition plan, sleeping, and being consistent in your approach. 

Speaking of having a sound nutrition plan, what is the new nutrient we are all "demonizing?"  It seems to be carbs vs fat at the moment.  If you want an interesting take on the debate of following a low/no carb diet vs a no fat diet, take a look at this little experiment a set of twins did.  The results are pretty amazing!!

Many of you work at a desk every single day and as a result your posture and your health may have suffered a little.  Now there's talk of adding physioballs or treadmills at desks so people don't sit as much.  Does a better chair, or even standing or walking at a desk make a difference?  Maybe, maybe not!

Weekend Workout Tip:
Don't be afraid to dial it back a little every now and then.  Taking a deload week, or even just a day or two to put in mobility work, or even just a full on break from training can do wonders for your progress.  You can't keep pushing and pushing and pushing all the time.  Your body needs a break from time to time.  When you're feeling run down and unable to give your all to your training, try taking a rest day or two and focus on little things like stretching, foam rolling, and mobility exercises that wont stress your body or your nervous system. 

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