Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fitness Friday

Soreness will happen, but that doesn't always signal that you had a good workout.  Sometimes it is just the result of a new stimulus.  Avoid falling for other myths about soreness and what it really means.
If you are sore, and it is going to happen, try one of these nine ways to reduce soreness.  (Taking pain relievers is NOT one of them)

When it comes to nutrition, everyone thinks that carbs should be the first thing to eliminate.   However, it shouldn't be about elimination, it should be more about choosing the right kinds of foods, even carbs.  Did you know that carbs make up fruit and vegetables?  Clearly you're not cutting those out, so you're not going "No Carb."  Eating carbs also have far reaching benefits, such as having a better mood, and easier fat loss.  Check out other benefits to eating carbs.  But make sure you're eating the right ones!!

10 Commandments of Fat Loss is a simple guide to follow to ensure that you get the most out of your training and nutrition plan.  Develop habits, and focus on performance, and the results will come.

Did you know that there are several drugs that could be hindering your fat loss?  Certain drugs have side effects that can hinder or stop fat loss altogether.  So if you're getting frustrated by not seeing progress maybe one of these drugs is the culprit.

Are you drinking your calories?  Chances are with all the beverage options out there, you could be taking in way more sugar than you even think.  Research has shown a huge correlation between sugar and obesity.  Best way to fight this?  Eat REAL FOOD & drink WATER!!

Weekend Workout/Health Tip:
Are you drinking enough water?  Odds are you are not.  Did you know that by being dehydrated, even just a little, it can throw off the way your body/muscle functions, the way it burns calories, and even the way you lose fat?
So do yourself a favor and make sure you are hydrated.

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