Friday, January 24, 2014

Fitness Friday

Most people start an exercise and nutrition program with the goal of transforming their body.  They want to lose fat.  But how do you get there?  First you need to follow 4 steps, you need to focus on 4 different things.  Laying a foundation of nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress control will help you on your body transformation journey.  There in no magic pill or missing link that will instantly change you.  Its a journey.  Just do what's best for you, not someone else. 
Speaking of magic pills, everyone is searching for that magic supplement that will change their lives.  Three that might be the most overrated when it comes to health are raspberry ketones, glucosamine, and glutamine.  So try to avoid falling for gimmicks and just put in the work. 

Are detox diets necessary? They seem to be the new "it" thing to do.  However, their benefits are exaggerated.  If you have a fully functioning liver, your body is already "detoxing" itself.  The best way to detox?  Make sure you're eating clean, whole foods.  If you want a simple "detox," avoid processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, & sugar, and boom!  Detox City!! 

When we say avoid sugar, what we really mean is avoiding added sugar.  Sugar has been demonized lately as being the cause of everything from obesity, to heart disease, to diabetes.  And rightfully so.  If you're looking to cut down on sugar, try to avoid things such as fruit juices, soda, candy, and surprisingly low fat/diet foods. 

Weekend Workout
Hit up a solid warm-up that not only gets your body moving and you muscles activated, but works up a sweat!!

Then roll right into the first of two circuits

Step Ups 10 ea leg
DB Floor Press 10
DB Deadlifts 10
BodySaw Planks 10
Chin-ups/Pull-ups 10
Spiderman Climbs 20
4 rounds.  Pick a weight that is challenging for 8-10 reps

For this circuit you are going to use a descending rest.  Each exercise lasts 20 seconds!!
Round one: A rest 20sec, B, rest 20, C, rest 20, D, rest 20 sec
Round two AB, rest 20sec, CD, rest 20sec
Round three ABC, rest 20sec, D, rest 20sec
Round four ABCD
A:  Burpees
B:  Bodyweight/TRX Rows
C:  Thrusters/Squat Press
D:  Reverse Crunch

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