Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weight Fluctuations

Are you the type that will go on the scale every day, sometimes more than once a day?
Do you freak out when the number goes up just a smidge, or sometimes even more than that?  Maybe its a couple of pounds. 
Well first things first, get the hell off the scale.  The scale is pretty much the most useless way to measure progress.  Yes, to a degree it can show you if you're trending towards your goals, but the mirror, and how you feel and how your clothes feel are better indicators of success and progress.

Still, there are people out there, and its men and women, that will hit the scale and look for any sign of progress and even with the slightest of fluctuation, will freak. 

I'm here to tell you, IT'S OK!!

Weight will jump all over the place.  If and when I do go on a scale, its never the same, and its always all over the place.  Too many variables go into weight in terms of pounds. 

Here's some physics for you:
The pull of gravity is different at different latitudes, so if you want to weigh a little less, move closer to the equator, or weight a little more go towards the poles. 

Ok back to seriousness. 

Many things go into what you weigh.  Even going past the usual description of fat mass and lean body mass.  Hormonal changes can cause weight shifts, what you eat can cause all sorts of shifts, as can something like going to the bathroom. 

Here's is something interesting I found from Dr. Melina Jampolis, who wrote The No-Time-To-Lose Diet:

For every 16 oz of fluid you consumed, that's an immediate gain of
1 pound

Need to poop?  Being backed up can cause a weight retention of as much as
2 pounds

Air pressure changes in flights that take 4 hours or longer will actually increase fluid retention typically to the tune of
2 to 3 pounds

Have a high sodium dinner and you'll likely find yourself waking up heavier by
2 to 3 pounds

That time of a month?
Hormone fluctuations for up to a week leading into your period, or for the guys truly connected to their wife's pregnancy, expect a water weight gain of up to
5 pounds

So, if you're a thirsty, constipated, frequent flier, with a penchant for pizza and heading to that time of month, expect a quick shift in the scale of up to:
19 pounds !!

That's some intense weight gain right there!

So don't freak out over every little half pound or pound(s) gain or loss.  If you're doing your work, which means eating well(80/20 rule) and exercising, then you should have nothing to worry about. 

In the end, its all relative.  Just go ask Santa.  He lives at the North Pole, where you weigh the most. 

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