Friday, December 21, 2012


Now I know you were probably expecting some sort of review on the popular workout DVD's, but I'm totally going to go in a different direction.  This is more personal, and focuses on you as a person.  What today's post revolves around is 90 things that you want to accomplish this month.  Its about making a list of things you've put off, maybe for months, that need to get done.  We all have these little to major things that you want done, but for one reason or another, they get put off, delayed, and never accomplished. 

I had this concept presented to me by a current training client during the month of December.  She has always talked about positive things like this since I've been training her, and it has a lot to do with the Wisdom courses she takes.  Any time she attends a Wisdom weekend, or a has a conference call with other like-minded individuals, there's always more great ideas coming from her.  Just looking at the website for the Wisdom courses gets you thinking about life. 

Wisdom Unlimited is designed for those interested in growth and development
as an ongoing part of their lives. It is for those who want their lives to be as
great as they can be, to live as productive members of a community,
to grow in wisdom, to develop themselves in ways that
open up new avenues of exploration in living full, contributing, and happy lives.
That is all positivity right there.  Its all about being a better YOU.  

Anyway, her concept and her list for December got me thinking about what I would like to accomplish starting in January.  At first it seems so daunting to come up with 90 things.  10, maybe 20 seems so doable, but 90?  So I'm currently in the midst of creating my list of 90 things.  I may post it so that I am held accountable to all those that read this, but I may hold onto it and keep it private.  I haven't decided yet. 

My list got me thinking about what people do January 1st, and their New Years Resolutions.  There's always the typical "get to the gym," "go on a diet," "lose weight," etc, but how many people actually follow through on those?  How many people come up with something original and really life changing?  Not many.  From my experience, there's a big influx of people to the gym, but then after a few weeks, things die down back to a normal pace.  You wonder what happened to those people.  Did they just give up?  Did the journey ahead of them to be healthier seem to challenging?  Did they find a solution? 

So I decided to take this concept of a list of 90 things and present it to all of you.  This goes way beyond a New Years Resolution.  Its more of a "January get stuff done" thing.  I want you to make a list of 90 things that you want to accomplish in January.  It could be anything.  Remembering to call someone, maybe a PR in a race, organizing a room, decluttering your drawers, etc.  Really anything.  Nothing is too ridiculous, nothing is too small.   Every time you accomplish something on the list, cross it off, check it off, do whatever you need to do to acknowledge you finished it.  This is meant to be a positive exercise so don't be discouraged if you don't hit everything, but do your best to check everything off.  Feeling guilty or blaming yourself for not completing everything is not what this is about.  Its about building yourself up, not tearing you down. 

Kick off 2013 to a great start!!!

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