Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Favorite things of the week

Here are some articles that I've read over the past week that I found interesting. I'm going to try to keep this a consistent post from week to week.

Are you making these mistakes?

I've talked about sitting in previous posts because it is a major health risk. Much of the population spends entirely way to much time sitting. Work, commuting in the car, at home watching tv, even when you're exercising (sitting machine to machine).
That can seriously stunt your ability to achieve your goals. Think about how much you sit, and try to cut down on it.

Found this website full of interesting healthy recipes. Already tried the sweet potato fries and lime/cilantro chicken. Delicious

Common workout mistakes

Myth about cardio. I hate cardio. I'd rather do sprints, battle ropes, kettlebell swings. Anything than boring slow state cardio. Especially for trying to lose fat. Don't get me wrong i used to love running for miles. But that was more mental than physical. FYI training for 3 marathons I didn't really lose any weight. Just sayin.

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