Thursday, July 17, 2014

Articles of the Week

First off, if you haven't already seen it, you HAVE to check out Kacy Catanzaro take on the American Ninja Warrior course.  She's the first woman to get through the course and move onto Mt Midoriyama.  It is definitely an inspirational video, to watch her go from one seemingly impossible obstacle to another.  Just when you think she's done, she just proves how strong she is.
Ninja Warrior

Are you not reaching your goals?  Why is that?  Could it be that you're making the same mistakes over and over again?  Make your nutrition plan a priority.  If you could put effort into a solid nutrition plan, you'll be amazed at the results that will follow.  At one time or another, AMP has used several of these tips.
Look Better Naked

Look, fat loss isn't easy.  There are, however, several factors that can take you to the next level.  Balancing stress and cortisol level as well as sleep are overlooked, but important factors to check out.
Here are Ten tips to help you lose some fat and get lean.
10 Secrets

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