Thursday, July 24, 2014

AMP's Articles of the Week

The most successful people when it comes to getting healthier and in better shape are the ones that are consistent with their nutrition plan and their exercise program.  Consistency!!  How many times have you heard us say that?  Where most people struggle is having a mindset that doesn't mesh well with consistency.
Here are 6 reasons why you're mindset might be holding you back.  Pssst #1 & #2 are doozies and probably are the biggest two in the group.
6 Reasons- Jill Coleman

Running isn't awful.  But when you put all your eggs in the "running basket" to lose weight, you're missing out on a lot of other types of training.  If you enjoy running, go right ahead and do it, but relying on it solely for losing weight is a up hill battle.  Take it from me.  I trained for 3 marathons and actually ended up gaining some weight.  Mixing up your program with interval training, resistance training, and occasionally endurance training.  You want to make sure you hit all 3.
Run Less to Lose Weight

Speaking of Cardio, why are you doing the cardio exercises you are?  It comes down to low intensity vs high intensity.  This is a great article outlining the debate between the two and makes cases for both.  Focusing on high intensity exercises like sprints can increase your work capacity, your metabolism, and therefore help you lose fat.  With low intensity, your body can gradually adapt to how many calories you burn.  One week you may burn 200 calories doing 30 minutes of running, but the next week it may be down to say 175.  The body is very efficient at holding onto energy.  It does not like giving it up easily.  So the more you do, the more you need later on to get the same adaptation.
Cardio Fat Loss Plan

There is no perfect diet.  Lets just end the debate.  The perfect diet is the one that works for you, the one that you can enjoy, and the one you can sustain for the rest of your life.  Not one that is filled with quick fixes, or one that demonizes a certain nutrient, or one that requires you to drink just juice.  It might take time to find a balance between what you enjoy and what works, but it'll make you less crazy.
Perfect Diet??

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