Thursday, July 31, 2014

AMP's Articles of the Week

Fitness and pursuing health should be a life long process, not something short term, or pursued when you feel like it.  Taking a short term approach means your missing the point entirely.  Enjoy the journey, fall in love with the process.  Nothing is going to come instantly and it takes consistency over the long haul.  Trying to hop from one thing to another is going to lead you in circles and drive you insane.  Don't try to be perfect, instead look at every day as practice leading up to the next day then the next.  There will be days that you struggle, but just because you struggle doesn't mean you fail.  It means opportunity to learn and to grow.

Are you still searching for that secret ingredient that will lead you to success?  That secret program, that secret nutrition plan that will enable you to see results?  Yea?

The truth is, there is no secret ingredient (bonus points if you get the Kung-Fu Panda reference).  The real secret? To find something that produces results and enjoyment.  

Fad diets will always pop up.  As long as there are people out there in search of the next best thing, there will be "fitness & health" people that will cater to them, feeding them garbage that they think will work.  What happens in the end?  A fad diet runs its course, you rebound, and go in search of the next thing.  Most, if not all demonize one or more nutrients, promise magical results, and throw in some ridiculous rules that have no basis in anything.  Avoid falling prey to these 14 diets.

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