Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Friday

Nutrition can be downright confusing.  There are so many things that people tell you to eat or avoid, or you can only eat at this time, blah, blah, blah.  So many voices, so much to make sense of.  It doesn't have to be that confusing.  It went from cutting fat, to cutting carbs, and now being fearful of gluten.  We seem to always be in search of that one magic bullet that will enable us to lose weight.  Want the secret?  It takes consistency!  It means consistent effort & work in terms of your training and your nutrition. 

Want more evidence of the craziness of our diets over the years?  You need to check out these charts!
There has been a dramatic shift in our diets from increasing our intake of fruit juices, to decreasing the amount of fat we eat to an increase in processed foods.  It's scary when its presented in a graph and you see the trends of our nutrition. 

Because of these trends in our nutrition, we end up lacking in several key nutrients.  Things like iron, calcium, fiber, potassium, and vitamin D go by the wayside.  Start eating more whole foods.

There have been articles posted here on how exercise affects your brain, but a new study aimed to look at what being sedentary does to your brain.  Granted this study was done on rats, but there is an interesting result that could show why sitting on the couch and being inactive can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. 

There is HOPE!  One workout can change everything for your body, from stress reduction to altered DNA to just feeling happy. So do yourself a favor, and get those workouts in.

Weekend Workout
TRX/Bodyweight Row/Pushups 20s on/10off  8rnds (4 rnds of each)

Plank 60s
Deadbug 20

Reverse Lunge 20son/10off 8rnds (4rnds left leg, 4rnds right leg)

Plank 60s
Superman 20

Swings 20s on/10off 8 rnds

Plank 60s
Bird/Dog 20

Mountain Climbers/Ice Skaters 20s on/10 off 8 rnds (4rnds of each)

Deadbugs 20
Superman 20
Bird/Dog 20

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