Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fitness Friday

It's no secret that when people first decide to exercise, their primary goal is fat loss.  Everyone wants to look better.  Of course people want to exercise to be healthy too, but primary we all want to look better.
With that said, here are a few awesome trainers that put together a list of their 3 best fat loss secrets.

As for our top 3 secrets
1.  Taking some sort of omega-3 is a great start.  Fish oil(DHA,EPA,ALA) is great as it cuts down on inflammation in your body, and keeps cell membranes more "fluid."
2.  Sleep!!!- sleep reduces cortisol levels, and allows for your body to fully recover.  More sleep = less stress
3.  Vary your exercise intensity!!

I thought this article was very cool and interesting.  This guy is undergoing an experiment on himself to determine if a calorie really is a calorie.

Weekend Workout!!

Jump Rope 60s
Prisoner Squat-10
Bear Crawl-50ft
Bodyweight Row- 10

Jump Rope 60s
Ape Crawl-50ft
Bodyweight Row-8

Jump Rope-60s
Dog Crawl-50ft
Bodyweight Row-6

Jump Rope-60s
Inchworm/Caterpillar 50ft
Bodyweight Row-4

Jump Rope 60s
Crab Walk-50ft
Bodyweight Row-2

Jump Rope 60s
Spiderman Climb-20
Bodyweight Row-1

Head down the ladder, then go right back up.

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