Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fitness Friday

We've made it another week.  I did a lot of reading this week, and I found these 4 articles of particular interest.  I really feel that we devalue sleep a lot, and it can reek havoc on our bodies. 
I also think that parents, especially moms put everyone else ahead of themselves and this could be backwards thinking. 
Lastly, everyone gets on the "low fat" or "no fat" craze when you truly should be eating fat.  I'm not saying burgers and fries fat, but healthy fats.  Without fats, a lot of bodily functions couldn't take place, like the production of hormones. 

Balance your fats-Eating fats is not a bad thing.  In the end, it is about balance.  Science has shifted away from what advice has been in the past.  Saturated fats aren't as bas as they've been made out to be.  Check out this article by Precision Nutrition all about fat balance.

For all the moms- This seemed appropriate after Mothers Day.  If you're a mom, or even a dad, putting your health first should be a priority.  After all, if you don't take care of yourself, who is going to take care of your kids. 

Are you impulsive?- Research found that people who experience weight gain were more likely to be impulsive and deliberate in their actions. 
 Sleep-  A 3 part series on why getting sleep is important, ways to get better sleep, and supplements to improve sleep.  Sleep is super important on cutting down on stress and cortisol levels.  When we sleep it gives our body a chance to repair and recover from the previous day.  Its part of the 5 part process of being healthy: Nutrition, Resistance Exercise, Sleep, Stress, and Cardio Exercise. 

Weekend Workout:
In this workout, we are going for speed, but controlled speed.
Each exercise will last for 10 seconds, with a 10 second rest between each exercise.  Once you finish one round, rest for a minute.  All you need is a good set of dumbbells.

Renegade Rows
Squat Press
Swings(with the dumbbells)

Shoot for 2-5 rounds for a killer workout,

Add on some crawling exercises for some core/movement work.
Ape, Bear, Crab, Dog, Duck Walks, Inchworm/Caterpillar.

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