Sunday, November 17, 2013

Motivational Monday

Rule #1: Find what you're fighting for.
Rule #2: First learn rule #1. Everything else is just details.

Why did you start training?  Why did you suddenly become enamored with changing your life to be healthy and fit? 

It all starts somewhere.  I started training when I was in college and for me training equaled better times on the track.  The stronger I got in the gym, the faster I got on the track.  Seeing my times drop fueled my hard work when I was training. 
I continue to train so that I can move.  Movement is a gift, being able to move is something most people take lightly.  We take it for granted, till the day that we no longer can move.  Don't take it for granted. 

I can't tell you what to fight for.  You have to look deep inside yourself and find what it is you're fighting for.  We're all searching for a passion, a sense of purpose.  I've been lucky to find mine in a small training facility called AMP, helping people move better, helping people stay healthy, helping people with their fight.


  1. Excellent post, you do have to find your motivation from within. External motivation fades quickly. I personally began losing weight when I got back into playing hockey after years away. Better fitness = better results on the ice. That was easy motivation.

  2. There you go!! Always have a why. If you follow Eric Thomas he always says find your why