Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fitness Friday

Recovery, Recovery, Recovery!  Success when it comes to changing your body comes not during the workout, but in how well you can recover after it.  This could mean how well you sleep, or how much you stretch, or how often you foam roll.  Now we know that foam rolling sucks and kinda hurts, but it is a necessary evil to keep your body in working order. 

Sleep is a super important but often over looked aspect to fitness and health.  Not only does sleep quality/amount affect adults as we've mentioned before, but it affects our children as well.  It seems the same hormonal effects sleep has on adults are the same for kids.  More needs to be looked at, but it is intriguing. 

Are you focusing on being strong?  Are you strong?  Break some stereotypes, lift some heavy stuff and get stronger.

We always talk about being positive.  Positive actions and thoughts breed positive results.  This mental trick can help you to keep going during a workout.  By chanting a certain mantra that you can do it, or to keep pushing, or something positive, you'll be able to go longer.  It's science!!

Getting in shape and seeing results is a lot more than just working out.  A lot comes down to what you are putting in your body.  However, there are always times where we don't know what to have for breakfast/lunch/dinner.  In our technological world there is an app for everything, and now there's an app for getting dinner ready.  Check out some of these apps for some great dinner ideas when you're in a hurry. 

What's your fitness age?  Estimate your fitness age using this calculator.  What's your score?

Weekend Workout
Do each exercise for 30seconds.  Minimize the rest between each exercise. 

Jumping Jacks
Plank Rotations
Step Ups
Plank Push-ups
Side Plank
Reverse Lunges
Push-up with Rotation

Go through 2-3 rounds

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