Friday, July 19, 2013

Fitness Friday

At AMP we are always striving to improve ourselves.  We don't want to settle for just being ordinary.  We want to be the best training studio, we want to be the best trainers.  That's why we are constantly reading, researching, and trying new things.  If we don't strive to improve ourselves, how can we ask it of you to improve yourself.  Make a list of things you WANT to improve on, and let us know what those are.  I actually fall prey to some of the same issues listed in the article.  I am lazy on my warm-ups, and I take workouts too easy sometimes.  I also am aiming to improve the amount of sleep I get, and improve the amount and quality in which I write. 

Hey, ya never know, maybe I can get my writing up to a point where I start a book. 

Making lists is a great way to set goals for yourself.  Have you ever wanted to set a bucket list?  Maybe things you want to do or see?  My friend at The Unattainable Life proposed that you take the concept of a bucket list, and set out to accomplish things in the next year.  What kinds of things would you like to accomplish before your next birthday?   What would you like to see?
This isn't the first time I've done something like this.  Back in January I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the month of January.  Sort of a month long resolution kind of thing.
So before my next birthday, I'm going to take the concept of  "Are You Really Living?"(you might have seen my shirt) to heart and cross things off my list.  All I have to do is write up my list.

What's on your bucket list for the next year?  Anything fun or interesting? 

Another area that I have been trying to improve is my "cardio."  And I don't mean cardio in the traditional sense.  I prefer strengthio, kettlebell/barbell complexes, etc.  However, I don't nearly spend as much time doing conditioning work as I should.  I love sprinting, and I will work on improving getting in sprint workouts.  Maybe I'll start scheduling myself for weekly or bi-weekly sprint sessions at the track.  This article hit home for me because when I trained for the NYC Marathon on two separate occasions, I actually gained weight.  Most likely because I ate more, or possibly because my body became more efficient at using energy.  Either way, lesson learned.  Long cardio = bad for weight loss. 

Learn to love intensity, not duration
Ever hear from people that eggs are bad for you?  Yea me too.  Too much cholesterol.  But here's the real news.  Dietary cholesterol has no bearing on what's in your blood vessels.  Unless you are diabetic, or in that small population with a family history of hypercholesterolemia, then you need not worry.  Eggs are a great source of vital nutrients, especially fat and protein.  There are a host of other vitamins and minerals in the yolk as well.  So don't fear eggs, don't fall for food fads.
Finishing it off, I want to leave you with a fun article on making your groceries last.  I particularly like # 14 and 15.  I may actually try #14 to see if it actually works. 
Enjoy the articles, hopefully you find them as informative and fun as I did. 
Have a great weekend!!
Weekend Workout
Pull-ups 15
Spider Man Climbs- 20
Walkout/Inchworm w/ Push-up 10
Plank Rocking/Body Saw- 30 seconds
TRX/Bodyweight Row- 15
3 rounds
Right Arm Squat Press
Right Leg Step-up (hold weight in right hand)
Right Arm Row
Right Leg Split Squat w/ Right Arm Curl
Left Arm Squat Press
Left Leg Step-up (hold weight in left hand)
Left Arm Row
Left Leg Split Squat w/ Left Arm Curl
2 sets 15 reps on each exercise
Try to pick one weight/dumbbell and stick with it for the entire set without putting it down. 
Jump Rope 60sec
Plank 30-60sec
Jump Rope 60 sec
Russian Twist 30 sec
Jump Rope 60 sec
Side Plank 30 sec per side
Jump Rope 60 sec
Med Ball/DB Chop 30 sec per side
Jump Rope
Farmers Carry 30-60sec
Repeat Twice
Good Luck

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