Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fitness Friday

Why is it that doing a perfect push-up, or finally being able to do a pull-up or even hitting a PR deadlift means so much less than what a scale tells you?  Dr. Brooke put up a great post as to why we attach so much significance to one type of measurement that can make or break a day or week, and put little significance to a measure of fitness like doing a pull-up or push-up.  We all need to re-prioritize how we feel about certain accomplishments.  If you leave the gym feeling awesome about your workout, then feel awesome about it.  Keep that high going, give that feeling a high value to your life.  What I'm saying is value how you feel, how strong you are, not a number on a scale.

Fit people aren't born, they're made!  It's no secret that people that are in shape, that are fit share distinct habits.  Make small healthy choices along the way, they'll add up.  Don't give in to excuses.  We all have them.  But those that are healthier and fitter don't let excuses stop them.  They find a reason to do it, not an excuse not to.  Surround yourself with healthy, like-minded people, you'll be better off for it.  Finally stay consistent.  Always be active!!

I know you're looking for healthy things to eat, but maybe those "healthy muffins," aren't exactly what you need.  Most of the time those muffins are just cake.  Cake filled with sugar.  If you are going to each junk, follow the 5 laws in this article.  However, I do not recommend eating junk as it can easily take your diet off track. 

Another so called "healthy" option has been juices.  However, recent news has shown that a popular juice brand isn't as natural as it claims to be.  Naked Juices has been misleading the public as to its "natural" content.  Apparently there several additives to these juices, and they are now paying the price.  Lesson to be learned: don't always trust the label.  When in doubt, eat whole, real food.  Grab an apple, there's little doubt as to additives to it. 

Weekend Workout:
Always start with a dynamic warm-up

In this weekends workout, hit up this circuit for 4 rounds, doing 10 reps on everything.  Add weight where necessary to make it more challenging.

Split Squat/Step-up
Dumbbell Chest Press
Body Saw Planks (add in TRX or Swiss Ball for added challenge)
Spidey Climbs

In this circuit we're going to do 3 rounds at 15 reps per exercise. 
Jump Squats
Inverted Rows
Squat Press

Try and finish each circuit and the prescribed rounds in as fast a time as possible.  Make sure you challenge yourself with appropriate weights.  Don't go easy just so you finish faster. 

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