Friday, July 5, 2013

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday and Happy July 4th Weekend!!

I think the #1 problem that can deter a persons success and progress is always using the scale as a measure of success of failure.  Now it can definitely be a good gauge of progress, but it is not the end all, be all.  There can certainly be an emotional tie to a certain number, but in reality that number is just a number.  Cut off an arm or a leg and you'll instantly lose "weight."  Check out why the scale isn't the only option and do yourself a favor, don't weigh yourself after this holiday weekend.

When it comes to losing fat, which is what most people are looking to do, there can be certain triggers that make you drop off your diet.  I really like the first example in this article as I believe most people have a negative association with eating or "dieting," as well as with exercise.  Most look at it as punishment, where it should be a reward.  There are 4 other great pitfalls in this article.

Heart Disease and obesity are always hot topics, and finally a physician steps up to the plate to admit that the medical field may have had it wrong all along when it comes to heart disease.  It seems that the low fat trend in association with a high processed carb diet has caused all this inflammation and that is the real cause of heart disease.  Very good read from Dr. Dwight Lundell.

Finally, lets get moving.  You all know we love to crawl!  Crawling helps your body move better and more efficiently.  All sorts of things happen when you move around like an animal.  You become more mobile, more flexible, more awesome.  There are so many benefits to these primal patterns.  Check out more of them.

With that said, here is our Primal Weekend Workout!!

Ape- 50 ft
Bear- 50 ft
Tiger/Dog- 50 ft
Scorpions- 10
Crab- 50 ft

Use that Primal Movements as a warm-up leading into....

Kettlebell Swings
Push-ups ( for an added challenge put your feet on a ball or in the TRX and drive knees in after each PU)
Dumbbell Thrusters/Squat Press
Twisting Side Planks
Push-up Position Alternating Rows

1 min on/1 min off   2-3 rounds
Keep track of your rep #'s and try to increase your #'s each round.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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