Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fitness Friday

Check this stuff out.  This week I hit a little bit of everything.  Nutritional, emotional, and the physical. 

Food Is First-  Skip down to where it starts with Food is First.  This is a true statement, always eat real food first.  Protein > Good Fats > Non Starchy Veggies


Crawl!! So many benefits to crawling around on the ground.  I love incorporating these movements into my warm-up as well as workouts.  Here are the many benefits of crawling.

Eat Fat to Lose Fat- I say that meaning healthy fats, like omega 3's

Weekend Workout
In honor of the crawl article, we're gonna rock some crawling movements for this weekends killer workout. 

Inchworm/Caterpillar - 10 (add a push-up for more of a challenge)
Spiderman Climbs - 20
Front Switches - 10
Bucket Drops - 10
Scorpions - 10


Crawl like a Bear (Same arm and leg move) 50 ft
Crawl like a Dog (Opposite arm and leg move) 50 ft
Crawl like a Crab (Opposite arm/leg move) 50 ft (25 forward/25 backward)


Finish off with an alternating Tabata Set of 20 seconds work/10 seconds break for 8 rnds
Bodyweight Squats (go for speed)
Ice Skaters


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