Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!!!!  This week, more nutrition articles, and one on hormone balance.

5 more nutrition tips

7 Steps to flexible diet- 7 easy steps/tips for your diet

Female Hormone Balance- Hormonal levels are complex

Fix your posture- Odds are your posture sucks.  Start fixing it

Are you making any of these mistakes?- Stress, Carbs, Cardio Overload, Gluten/Dairy, Vitamin D

One last piece on nutrition-  more geared towards men, but can still apply to women.

Weekend Workout
3 mini circuits, each exercise lasting 30 seconds.  Do each circuit twice before moving on to the next circuit

1.  Prisoner Squats
     Ice Skaters
     Lateral Lunges

2.  Burpee
     Crossing/Curtsy Lunge
     Mountain Climber

3.  Pushup with reach
     Duck Walk-  Try with hands behind your head for an added challenge
     Single Leg squat or Reverse Lunge
     Kick Through

Really love the kick through/front switches.  Looks like nothing, but incredible amount of core and coordination to rock that exercise.   Get moving using your own body.

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