Friday, March 21, 2014

Fitness Friday

Do you find that you compare yourself to other people on a constant basis?  Why is that?  It never works out in your favor, and in the end, leaves you feeling crappy.  So why do it?  Here's what I want you to do:  Make a set of rules for yourself to live by that makes you feel good, that makes you happy.  Be proud of who you are, be proud of all your accomplishments.
Rules- Nia Shanks

Eating before a workout or before a race is essential.  You want to fuel yourself.  Just make sure you're taking in the right foods.
Pre-activity Food

What does a portion look like?  Luckily Precision Nutrition put out a quick little guide to help you along, just in case you're struggling with figuring that out.

Weekend Workout-

Goblet Squat - 8-12
Push-ups- Max Effort
Pull-ups- 8-12
Reverse Lunges- 12 ea leg
Single Leg Glute Bridges - 15 ea leg
TRX Rows- 15
Plank- 30-60 seconds
Supermans- 15

Go for 3-5 rounds.  Make it challenging, especially on the Squats and Lunges.

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