Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fitness Friday

Food labels are in for a big change and it looks awesome.  No longer will "calories from fat" be listed, but "added sugar will be listed.  That's a major step being that we've learned that added sugar is more of a problem than eating fats.  We all need some levels of fat in our diet for many reasons, namely immune health and the ability to produce certain hormones.

After an awesome workout, there are definitely things you want to do after and things you want to avoid.  Try to avoid these common mistakes that may be hindering your progress.

We love push-ups!  We love all sorts of variations of them as well.  Here are 82 variations on the push-up that are sure to make you feel great!

When you start to do repetitive movements along with being dehydrated, you set in motion a cycle that could lead to injury.  The key is making sure you stay ahead of the curve by taking care of your body through proper nutrition, hydration, and foam rolling/massage.  We happen to have an LMT on staff to take care of our clients, so that we avoid running into injury problems. 
Weekend Workout
Try some of the push-ups.  Challenge yourself!

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