Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fitness Friday

Since nutrition is a big part of seeing results from all your hard work in the gym, I figured I would dedicate this weeks edition of Fitness Friday to Nutrition!!(pssst, AMP at  we offer nutrition counseling/consulting).

How many times have you attempted a "diet"?  My guess is at least a few times with some mild success. You lose some pounds, but once you stop, it comes back.  Definition of "yo-yo dieting."  It's now being shown that this type of dieting is more detrimental than just the weight coming back.  Signals for fullness don't easily adjust when going from a restrictive diet to that of a normal diet.  This may explain why some people struggle after taking up a diet.  

Most diets tend to restrict one thing or another.  Quit the Restrictions!!!  Often times people restrict because they think a certain food is evil.  Eggs, dairy, carbs, fruit.  Why?  Because you heard it some where? Eliminating and restricting yourself is a hard thing to do, and often times, unnecessary.  I mean have you ever seen anyone become overweight from eating too much fruit?

The solution?  Focus on habits, focus on small changes.  If you do that, you're sure to see results.  Then you'll have people asking you what your doing and how did you get your results.  First you'll have to say AMP, then second tell them you've taken charge of your life, that you've decided to put lifestyle change ahead of fad diets.  If' you've ever had someone ask you "what are you doing to look so good" check THIS out!!!

Weekend Workout Tip:
Replace Bad Habits: Everyday you'll be tempted to fall back on old habits.  TO make a lasting change in your health and fitness, you must do everything you can to resist that.  Try adding a new healthy habit to your routine to replace an old unhealthy habit.  

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