Friday, December 6, 2013

Fitness Friday

Why do you train? Why do you work out?  Quite often it's to lose a few pounds, add some muscle, get in better shape.  Added benefits that you may not have thought of  are reducing the onset of dementia and increasing memory.
Researchers are still not sure as to the exact mechanism that helps stave off dementia or makes daily activities easier, but there are improvements.  As for improving memory, there are many hormones at work that encourage the growth of neurons in the brain.  I brought this up in a past post called "Is your workout making you smarter?"

See all the more reason to come to AMP!!  
Get in killer shape and get those Brain Gainzz!

Balance and coordination a key aspect to fitness and often times people struggle with balance.  Exercising by using one sided or unilateral movements can help improve balance.  Doing exercises like single leg dead lifts or bird-dogs can help improve core strength and in turn balance as a whole.  Try this 8 Minute balance workout.  

Avoid negative, hateful comments about yourself.  You can't and won't hate yourself to a healthier, leaner body.  Love your body, accept it, and accept the process of transforming it.  If you give in to thoughts like:
I can’t eat that, I’m so fat/disgusting/weak, I have no will power, I’ll never look like her, I wish this was easier then you need to take a step back and reevaluate yourself.  Read This!!

What exactly is 200 Calories?  It can come in all sorts of sizes depending on what you're eating/drinking.  Check out these photos to see exactly what 200 calories looks like.  

The yogurt serving happens to be my favorite, however not all yogurts are created equal.  Make sure you look for some key things when shopping for yogurt.  Beware those hidden sugars and don't fear the fat.  

Weekend Workout Tip
Strength Train!!
Strength training helps build lean muscle tissue which helps keep your body metabolically active.  Muscle uses more energy to keep it active and uses more energy to recover from workouts.  Having more muscle may lead to higher energy demands keeping more metabolism boosting tissue on your body. 

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