Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fitness Friday

Most of the time, nearly 90%, we hear the goal of being "toned." But when it comes to training, the common thought is that in order to get that look, its high reps with very low weight.  However, the real truth is, is that men and women should train in just about the same fashion.  Both need MORE intense weight training and LESS gender specific exercises.  Sure there are some variations to training programs, but we all have the same muscles that work in the same way.

Since you're going to be training, and aiming to get stronger, you should also focus on mobility.  We always aim to get our clients more mobility through a myriad of drills, including many animal flow drills.  Having an increased ability to move will decrease the chances of any overuse injuries or any other aches and pains along the way.  How many times have you had an achy back or hip or shoulder???  Yea, that's due to poor mobility.  Work on stretching, foam rolling, and moving better and there will be no need for supplements to relieve joint pain.
One study showed that taking supplements of vitamin D and calcium made no difference in joint pain compared to a placebo group.  Interesting enough, but not totally comprehensive.

But the point is still the same, DO YOUR MOBILITY WORK.

When there is a focus on fat loss, it usually comes down to a choice between training more or eating less.  However, there is only so much training you can do, and there is only so much deprivation you can endure.  Eat too little and you set off a crazy chain of hormonal changes.  "When it comes to hormones, you have to nudge the body." You don't force it."
Jumping from diet to diet can have long term effects on your metabolism and can in turn make your body hold onto more fat than it did previously.  Yo-yo dieting and having weight go up and down leads to a relatively fatter body and a less responsive metabolism.  Like it was mentioned before, it does horrible things to hormonal levels tied closely with fat loss.  "The human metabolism is like tires on a car.  The more we wear it down over time through chronic dieting, the less responsive it becomes.

Moral of the story: Do both.  Focus on exercise and smart nutrition.

Weekend Workout
DB Chest Press- 12
Reverse Lunge- 8 per side
Single Leg Deadlift- 8 per side
DB Row- 12 per arm
3 sets

60 sec of intense cardio (jump rope, rowing, sprints, stairs, battle ropes)

Lateral Lunge 15 per side
Push-ups 15
Crossing Lunges 10 per side
3 sets

60 sec of intense cardio

Pull-ups 10
TRX/Bodyweight Rows 15
Squat Press- 10
3 sets

60 sec cardio

Plank- 45 seconds
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds
2 sets


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