Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fitness Friday

In addition to kicking peoples butts into shape, we want to educate and keep you from falling for scams and shady marketing.  
Transformation pictures are some of the biggest scams out there.  Ever see those amazing transformations in TV or magazine ads?  Would you be surprised if I told you that most are staged using simple lighting tricks along with other techniques to make these "amazing transformations."  By simply changing lighting, doing a few "pump" exercises and flexing in a certain way, you can go from "fat" to "lean" in a few hours.  So don't fall for these tricks.

What you need to do is follow good fitness habits.  The fittest people tend to follow these habits.  Out of these 8 habits, I really follow 7 out of the 8.  I struggle with getting my sleep in.  Try to take on these habits to prevent a plateau in fat loss.  Sometimes its simple things that are keeping you from losing weight.  One of the most common is not eating enough.  When trying to lose weight, often times people think that eating less is the way to go.  However, this only results in your body going into a starvation mode(thank our ancestors).

We want our kids to have the best things, we want them to be healthy.  However, in a world filled with junk food, its hard to get our kids to eat healthy.  The best way to get your kids to eat healthy and develop healthy habits is to be a role model for them.  If they see you exercising and eating healthy, they will be more apt to follow suit.  On top of that, you are the ones cooking for your kids.  So you have control of what they are putting in their bodies to some extent.

Be that Healthy Role Model!!!

Weekend Workout

Squat Press-15
Bear Crawl
Crab Walk
Overhead Reverse Lunge- 20
Ape Crawl
Kettlebell High Pull- 15
Inch Worm
Jump Squat-15
Tiger/Dog Crawl

Grab a weight heavy enough to complete the prescribed reps, but not light enough that you can do more than what is prescribed.

Challenge yourself to 3 rounds

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