Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fitness Friday

I've become extremely worried at where we are headed in terms of health and fitness.  We are constantly bombarded with unhealthy ads and unhealthy products.  We are facing an unprecedented health crisis relating to obesity and these images show part of the problem.

Why is it that some people have an easy time losing weight while others struggle to get lean and stay there?  The quick easy answer is calories in vs. calories out.  However that doesn't tell the entire story.  There are many other factors that go into the equation.

Everyone struggles with dieting. There can often times be an emotional connection to.  Start having a positive relationship with food.  Far too often we chastise ourselves and punish ourselves for what we've eaten.  Cardio confessional anyone??  Usually Monday morning after a bad weekends of food choices we have the "guilty" slaving away on the treadmills or ellipticals. This is negative.  Have a healthy relationship with food.  You'll be happier and less stressed.

Weekend Workout
This weekend we're gonna work on some agility ladder exercises with Jen Sinkler.  These exercises will help with balance, coordination, and conditioning.  Good Luck!!

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