Monday, October 1, 2012

Weclome to October: Motivation Monday

Hey, its the start of the a new month.  That means its time to reevaluate some of our goals and see where we are at.  My new goal is to be more involved in this blog, and that means starting today, I'm going to provide an inspiring quote each Monday.  I'm calling it Motivational Monday. 
Typically Mondays are the hardest day to get moving again because of a long weekend where we might not always be on top of our diet or exercise programs.  Maybe with the help of a good, positive quote, you'll get going again. 

“To give anything less than your best
is to sacrifice the gift.”

– Steve Prefontaine

This is one of my favorite quotes, mostly because of who said it.  What I take away from this quote is that you should always give your best everyday, no matter what it is your trying to accomplish.  This applies to all aspects of life. 

Go out and be 1% better today than you were yesterday. 

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