Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fitness Friday

What's the most important tip on living a healthy life?  54 experts weigh in on what's most important, including us as one of the experts!  Take a look!
54 Health and Wellness Experts Reveal the Single Most Important Tip for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Water is an important part of your health.  We should all be aiming for about 2-3L per day, but how often are you hitting that goal?  Did you know water acts as a lubricant for your joints?  Could that joint pain be from lack of hydration?  Oh and it can make your skin look better!
Water Water Everywhere!

How many of you know exactly what to do, but find yourself struggling with maintaining success with your nutrition and exercise program?  Knowing the information is only half the battle.  The other part? Accountability!!  If no one is holding you accountable, then you are more apt to slide on your program.  Find someone to answer to, someone you HAVE to check in with, and maybe you'll see the results you're after.
I know what to do, but I'm still out of shape!

The scale is deceptive.  It really doesn't paint the whole picture.  Every time you step on the scale, you make a determination that it only measures muscle and fat.  Not true at all.  So much goes into what that number is. Glycogen stores, water levels, undigested food, & hormone levels to name a few unexpected areas that CAN & usually DO show up on the scale.
Deceptive Scale part 1
Deceptive Scale part 2

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