Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fitness Friday

October is upon us and that means its time for some seasonal fruits & veggies!!  Fall is the perfect time to try some new fruits and veggies.  Everyone knows about apples and pumpkins in the fall, but did you also know its the perfect time for kiwi's, beets, cranberries, & figs.  Give some of these a try this fall.

Fruits and vegetables should be part of a well rounded diet, but sometimes a "healthy diet" can go array.  Often times that occurs when there's some sort of depletion of nutrients, or extreme restrictions.  If you think you are eating "healthy" but aren't seeing the results you want, maybe there are some hidden sources of garbage in your diet. 

Should women train different than men? I've posed that question before and it's still the same answer.  90% of the time, no!! This sorta rant goes off on male vs female training.  An interesting read for sure. 

Some matter how much you workout, recovery is still a huge key to success and is often overlooked.  Most people don't focus as much on recovery as they do on their actual workouts and this could be a huge mistake.  This article highlights several recovery problems and what you can do to change up those habits.  My favorite is always getting more quality sleep.  It really is amazing what quality sleep will do for your body. 

As far as what you do when you wake up, it might be time to think of a routine that is free of email and cell phone messages.  This is something I know I struggle with because I set my alarm on my phone, actually make that an alarm and a backup alarm.  I do like the idea of getting in some quality stretches when you wake up as well.  I really do love a full body over head reaching stretch while laying down. 
What's your morning routine like?  Anything you'd want to change?  I know I'm going to try to not check email/texts when I wake up. 

Weekend Workout
Start with a quality warm-up, maybe some animal flow fun

Start off with this Core Set.  After you finish each super set of strength exercises, you'll throw these in.

Barbell Grappler Twists- 20
Heavy Uni-lateral Suitcase Carry 40yds
Plank 60 seconds

Box Jumps or Broad Jumps 3-5
5 sets

Deadlift- 6 reps
5 sets

DB Row- 12
Hamstring Curl- 20
Goblet Squat- 15
3 sets

Core set

Push ups- 15
Superman pulls- 10
Step up w/ Shoulder Press 10
3 sets

Core set

Conditioning Set
Rower/Battle Ropes/Swings/Sprints
Go 20 seconds all out with a 40 second recovery x 10 sets

Have Fun!!!

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