Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fitness Friday

We've always heard that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, however it isn't magic.  We always get asked for breakfast ideas, and its really simple.  Whatever you think you can eat, and sustain that habit, then do it.  It should make you feel good, it should be healthy, it should be fuel for your body, and it should be equal to what your goals are.  Make it a point to include saturated fats, protein, and greens in your breakfast.

What we don't want you to include in your breakfast, or any meal for that matter is sugar.  Sugar is hiding in pretty much everything often in surprising spots.  A tiny carton of OJ has as much sugar as almost 2 1/2 donuts.  That's crazy.  What about a salad with as much sugar as 4 1/2 donuts?  Yea that's a little insane.  Be careful with your choices, you never know where crap is hidden. 

Ive often said that men and women should train pretty similar with varying degrees of change.  However, there are ways in which men and women's metabolism differs.  Several having to do with how men and women burn fat and carbs.  This could give great insight into why its easier for men to lose weight over women.  However one thing is for sure, both need to AMP up the intensity. 

Injuries will happen, but when should you ice and when should you use heat?   Here is a quick guide to when to use each modality.  When in doubt, ice within the first 48 hours.  Heat for tight muscles.

At AMP we are following our dreams!!! We wanted to open up a facility that really helps people, that creates a family atmosphere, and above all else gets people the results they are after.  What is your dream?  What is holding you back from following yours? 

Start Following Your Dream Today!
Weekend Workout
Get in a quality warm-up including some movement based exercises.  Animal flow, spidey climbs, scorpions.  Anything that gets the muscles and the core temperature up. 
Split Squats 10 per side
DB Row(or TRX Row) 10 per side
Push-ups 20
3 sets
Split Jumps/Shuffles
Spiderman Climbs
Goblet Squats
Plank Pushups
30 seconds each exercise, minimal to no rest btw exercises, rest 1 minute btw circuits.  3 sets
Tabata Time
20 seconds on/10 seconds off
Bodyweight Squats- 10 second hold in the bottom position
8 rnds
Push-up Challenge
2 minutes of push-ups, go for high score

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