Monday, February 11, 2013

P90X cert?

In the latest edition of what the hell are we doing as an industry comes a P90X certification. Are you serious?

I get it, its a great home workout and has no doubtingly helped thousands of people get in shape.

I have three issues with this. 
One it is a home workout system.  Has society gotten so lazy and unmotivated to do things on their own that they need a "trainer" to put them through the P90X workouts? 

Why would any fitness professional want to use this and pawn off someone elses program?

Lastly is my issue with big gyms that will certainly offer this as a group class and get members and prospective members all hyped up on a name,(and whats bigger than P90X right now) and over promise on results and under deliver.  This happens with many group classes that gyms offer. 
I see this as trying to "cash in" on the name. 

I get that P90X is trying to broaden their product and appeal to trainers. I get it.  If we have trainers buying this certification, then we can sell the licensing name to the gyms and the trainers.  Its a great job by the makers of P90X, I just hope that we as an industry hold ourselves to a higher standard than taking an at home program and using it in the gym.

Its funny I had a conversation about this a few months ago about how gyms in NYC were starting up "P90X" classes, where they would just copy the DVD workout and sell it to their members as a group class.  It really does seem like a money grab to me. 

Im already prepared for the counter argument of "oh what about TRX, ViPR, or Kettlebells?"
Yea those are tools in the bag for trainers to use with their clients.  Its not a premade program.  Yea I learn certain exercises using those tools, and I have, but an entire at home program?  Somehow i feel that is a little different. 

Do you agree?  Or is this P90X cert another tool in a trainers bag of tricks?

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