Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fitness Friday

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!!  In the end, it always comes down to what you're putting in your body.  There isn't one "best" diet and not every diet will work for everyone. 
Not One Best Diet

Many people know what they SHOULD do, but how many of us actually do it.  There's always something missing.  Could it be consistency?

It's your body, and you're gonna have to live in it tomorrow.  Make the right choices, because in the end, you have to live with them.  This article is pretty badass!!  Plus it was posted on Arnold's website, so you know its good stuff.

There's always a debate on "cardio." I use quotation marks because cardio is anything that makes your heart rate elevate.  This could be anything from running to kettlebell complexes, to some sort of animal flow routine that you bust out for 3 minutes straight.  Anyway, change up your "cardio" with this article. 

Finally, this article takes a look at your fitness and comparing it to dog training.  Now if you've ever gone through dog training, its all behavior modification.  Rewarding good behavior.  Same goes for your fitness and health.  Take a look.  I'm sure you'll find it as entertaining as I did. 

Weekend Workout!!
For your warm-up just have fun, maybe crawl around, let your freedom of movement flow out of you.  Check out our playtime animal flow video.  We just mess around. 

As for your workout for the weekend
Kettlebell Swings
Atomic Push-ups
Squat Press
Renegade Rows

Hit up each exercise for a minute, record your reps for each exercise.  Rest about a minute between each exercise. 
Try 1-3 rounds, and attempt to beat your reps each round through the circuit. 

For some added cardio, jump rope.  See if you can get to 1000. 


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