Saturday, July 7, 2012

Welcome to AMP!

Welcome to AMP Training!!

AMP stands for Active, Movement and Performance.  Less people are active and it is our philosophy that people do not move anymore.  We are all tied down to chairs, and because of that, our society has become hunched over, obese, and unable to move properly.  How many people in our society cannot move through basic patterns of squatting, lunging, or twisting.  We have the inability to lift our arms over our shoulders, move our hips, and triple extend through the ankles!!  The inability to move leads to the inability to be healthy.   Performance could be anything.  It doesn't necessarily mean sports performance.  Life is a constant battle to perform.  The more efficient you move, the more you are active, the better you'll perform, whether it be sports or just life. 

Research shows that the more you sit, the more likely you are to die early.  sitting = death.  If you're a science dork, or a statistics kind of person, you'll get a kick out of this study.  Basically the more you sit, or the more sedentary you are, the higher mortality rate. 

So do yourself a favor, keep coming back to this blog for more tips and get AMPed!!
Get Active, Get Moving, and Perform!

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